2018 Blog – Day 5

Dreaming Big

It’s nearly the end of the week, but our energy never dies! The girls began completing the red tape for their rocket project.

They were charged with developing a business plan, applying for articles of incorporation, and deciding on officers of the group. The girls also came up with designs and balance sheets, carefully considering how they will use their $1 million budget.

Before lunch, we reviewed the scientific method and explored the wonders of the interaction between Mentos and carbonated beverages, such as Diet Coke. Counselors gathered the girls’ predictions of the reaction with the variety of Colas. Volunteer campers found the foaming reaction a bit sticky, but it was great fun!

AAUW members visited the girls in their core classes to find out what they have been working on over the course of the week. Here are some updates on the penultimate classes of today:

App Inventor implemented their design to create their own apps! Apps created include but are not limited to trivia apps, a Star Wars space invader game, and Boggle apps. Some worked to improve functionality for past ideas.

The CSI girls learned how to chemically test powders and used their skills to determine the identity of 10 different mystery chemicals.

The student of the Hot Air Balloon class finished their hot air balloons. They tested them indoors and made minor repairs. They also learned more about air pressure, density, and buoyancy, then they studied the periodic table of elements to discover the atomic difference between hydrogen and helium. The students ended the day with a buoyancy and density challenge called, “Boats that Float.”

Structures learned about how building materials are produced. They also built, tested, and destroyed bridges made from popsicle sticks and hot glue.

The Circuits class finished their first project and started on project two, which is a motor driven car. For an extra challenge, they discovered that the directions were in Chinese characters.

Art in Math students learned about the 5 Platonic Solids.  They counted faces, edges, and vertices for each and discovered Euler’s Formula. The students  also built one of the solids (a cube) using origami and have begun progress of another of the solids (the dodecahedron) using origami.

Roller Coaster Physics created balloon rocket race cars. They explored equal and opposite forces in real-world contexts, such as rockets and jet propulsion in squid. Students applied their understanding of Newton’s 3rd law to undertake a design challenge to create a balloon-powered race car. They ended with an introduction to centripetal and centrifugal forces as a bridge to begin the roller coaster design challenge Friday!

After lot of hard work, one deserves a little fun–so we beat the heat with a pool party! The girls had the opportunity to make tasty ice cream. The counselors assorted the ingredients while the campers provided the arm power as they churned the ice cream.

The girls also had the opportunity to play volleyball, dance with ribbons, mingle, and participate in other outdoor activities.

After the pool gates closed, we bonded by tossing water balloons and drenching each other with water toys.

The staff is prepared for the tears to flow as the girls will soon be separated from their new best friends and home-away-from-home. How do we prepare? Make sure everyone has the MOST fun possible before we part ways in a few days!

From our Inspiration Board: “What did you learn today? Or how were you brave today?”

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