“I had always been worried about going into a male-dominated field. Tech Trek has made me feel more confident about my abilities in STEM and has made me want to follow my dreams of becoming a medical engineer.” – Former Tech Trek Camper

At Tech Trek, girls are immersed in a world that empowers and encourages them to think about themselves as future scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and computer specialists.

Tech Trek is a week-long camp designed to provide young women entering the eighth grade with hands-on exposure to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. The week fosters excitement, interest, and self-confident in these girls at a time when it can dynamically affect their experience in high school and beyond, in both college and the rest of adult life.

Through a combination of classes, labs, presentations, field trips, and other activities, Tech Trek seeks to expose campers to new STEM fields and careers. Tech Trek provides older women who fill the role of mentors and role models at camp and beyond. Many of these mentors are former campers who return to volunteer at camp in high school, college, and beyond.